Possible to change color of render draw_text? (DEF-2697)


Is it possible to change the color of the text that the render script can draw? I know it’s just for debugging purposes, but that dark blue is really hard to read on any medium or dark background.


Nope, it’s hardcoded. I guess we should make it configurable just as for draw_line.

Edit: Added a ticket for this (DEF-2697)


OK, thanks. Actually it’s kind of nice to not have to specify a color every time, but it would be nice if it was configurable. Ideally, both draw_line and draw_text would have a hardcoded default value and an optional color argument.


Exactly! That’s a nice backward compatible improvement.


I would absolutely love to see this in a future update. To be true, I really like to have even my debug screens look nice :wink:


Still needed! Just make it an extra options vec3 at the end for the color…