Poorly aligned font meshes


Hello, we had some troubles with the fonts in our project.

  1. OTF font seems to have issues with cutoff. We worked around that by exporting ttf, so this exact bug isn’t a super high priority.

  2. It seems that meshes generated for letters are too small and don’t account for area needed for anti-aliasing. See the left side of D E in example 2 outline. This cutoff bug is extremely visible outside of standard English alphabet with letters that have dashes, dots, commas etc… To get bigger meshes we extend outline size in the font settings itself, but

  3. Extending outline size, without having any outline keeps the spacing between letters the same. But the text bounding box gets extended (See right edge of text boxes in Example 1). This is extremely hard to work around when using things like rich text plugin with for example central align of the text or when calculating a stretching background behind the text field etc…

Example 1
Example 2


This is one for @jhonny.goransson to take a look at on Monday.