Player.collection not updating with changes to player.go?


I’m a beginner and messing around with the platformer example code that is included with Defold. I added a spear sprite to my player.go object and gave it a collision shape. So now my player.go has 2 sprites and 2 collision shapes.

The player game object is included in a player.collection along with a camera. I have noticed, that the player.collection is not updated with the new sprite and collision object… Is there a reason for this?

As a test, I tried changing the sprite location in my player.go and indeed, the location is not updated in the player.collection. I tried deleting the player game object from the collection and re-adding it, but that’s not ideal because there’s a camera in there too that I’d also have to re-add.



This sounds a bit strange. Can you share some screenshots? Or an example project with this change in place so I can take a look?



@britzl Sure no problem. Here’s my player.go

Here’s a screenshot of my player.collection

Here’s my project zipped up. (853.7 KB)

Thanks for looking at this! Much appreciated.

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I’m unable to reproduce any problems with this (although I might be doing it wrong).

Could you please describe the exact steps I need to take from the point where the project is opened until the problem occurs?



The issue is in the tutorial. The game object in player.collection is not player.go from the asset pane. It is a generic game object renamed as player.go with the same components (plus camera) added to it.

@britzl - to verify this:

  • Create a new Platformer game project
  • Open player.collection, so you can see player.go in there
  • Delete player.go from the assets pane
  • Note that player.go in player.collection is unaffected, since they are not linked

Looks like the tutorial needs to be updated to fix this.

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It’s not really a tutorial, just a sample/template project:

But yeah, this explains it. The player.go should be removed! Thanks for pointing this out.

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Aaaand now it is gone.



@britzl @Alex_8BitSkull Wonderful! Thanks to both of you for the help.