Percentage Key in Key Bindings?


I’m just creating cheat keys, so not sure this is really a problem but is the % key available (Shift 5 on US keyboards) I see many other keys (exclaim e.g.) but not percentage… maybe I’m missing it’s title?



Normal input events are for individual keys, not text characters. Modifier keys aren’t considered or treated as special. So a lot of the bindings that you can make won’t do anything, though they may be present on some keyboard layouts.

A “Text” input trigger may work for you. That gives you the characters that would have been typed. See the Input manual.



It’s not a big deal because it’s a cheat key for dev, but I was just trying to do 1-6 and shift 1-6 using the chars above each number for the shift+num input. I’m sure I could just do shift AND num to capture it instead. It’s just that I noticed almost every other special char on the keyboard is there except percent which made it odd.



Yes, a text trigger should work.



I had to take a break for client work but back at it now. I got this to work with Text Triggers, but just one question – what’s the difference between a specific Key Binding and Text Triggers then? I know part of it is when the key fires, but is there more to it? Obviously I’m just using these for cheat keys during development, but when is it best to use one vs. the other?



Text triggers are used for typed text and doesn’t include all keys on a physical keyboard. On mobile it also has support for text prediction using the marked text property.

Key triggers are usually preferred as input actions when for instance moving a player character or similar.