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Thanks @pawel.jarosz21 and also to thank @Denis_Makhortov and @britzl who have help till now with me a noob greek trying to learn. Also you had to make me understand with examples because also my English is bad so even from manual of defold I have problem understand some times. And also thanks to the community of forum where you can find with search many things. Thanks again all I hope I will manage to finish news sim, and as I can see community like to see how I go as now I reached also 1k views. Thanks again for the support :smile:



Kalimera sas dear defolders I done changes with the new graphics in the menu of campaign and in the schedule and personnel gui inside the game. I have took 7 photos to show you how are the changes which I crop not to be very huge. Thanks I wait your comments and thoughts.

thanks all for hearing me



Nice work @Elpidoforos_Gkikas, keep it up!

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Thanks @topbraj , I want to do more of the logic I have written six pages of paper what I want to do next
but in code I scared how to do it :smile: so as I took this two chars I play with graphics to be more nice so to take strength to do the logic. :blush:



Kalispera sas dear defolders , I start to make a lua of data with table of the events of decade of 80s. Now I have already done the half year of events of 1980. I pass them one one in excel file and with the help of proton-master I will make it a lua file table. Only I want pass also position on map of the events.

And after the help of @russelkgd explain me how he done his newsline which I want implement sth similar in my main gui to show events. And user open by pressing on it the map of events. I want ask you what is your opinion if I do a new vertical dynamiclist with the events of week . And player choose event from there. Off course still I think with what way to assign the reporters on a event. Drag a drop or again with a dynamiclist. drag and drop I am not so sure how implement. What is your opinion for do the assignment of reporters? Thanks a lot for hearing me.

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Kalispera sas dear defolders, I continue passing events to the data file , and also start implement some gameplay even inside of it with some variables and booleans that would help me after to make the game in one way I am thinking. For example has events of fake news which give easy money to newspaper but loose integrity , and this can cause the newspaper loose subscribers and readers, also events of week give popularity about newspaper so more readers will read it. Right now I pass 14 events each week, which is 56 per month , from them 8 are fakes news, or ads, or quests where you send your reporters to cover which cost you money but gain integrity and popularity. This has the difficulty to be a 6 level event and so you need the corresponding reporters.

The other which I done is to finish a new screen where player go by press a key down right and goes to the rest of town where are the competitors of AI , bank , stock market , where there I want make player to interact with them. NS = News Sim

I put a photo you to see

thanks a lot for hearing . I would love hear your ideas about the gameplay I want implement .



Kalispera sas dear defolders, after a idea of @Denis_Makhortov about how to make the turn transition, I make a new screen collection where I had some issues for 2 days where helped @pawel.jarosz21 and also very thanks to @Pkeod for his advices, also thanks to the community because by search in forum I find answers in many questions I have, so I manage make a screen to open when you press the turn button at calendar, right now comes forth has a clock and a bus , and soon I will make to animate bus to the right for make the loading. until then you press a button back to return to game . This screen i done after talk with @Denis_Makhortov that he knows of turn based how will be better to be in background like a fog the change of employees during a change of time in schedule and game to do calculations of AI movement during the game.

I put you to see the photos , first you can see in campaign that you put name of newspaper and after at change of turn screen seems the name on bus. Thanks to all , I hope you will leave comments with your opinion or ideas maybe how to do loading on this screen , for example right now I am thinking when will do the anim the bus to close the screen. thanks

change turn :

thanks and be well all



Kalispera sas dear defolders, I know most of you watch Europa league today so noone will see this post anyway is a short one but very important as my friend @Denis_Makhortov send me a message in forum told me that in fotos my fonts sucks which was true. And if i want make better to resize the fonts in 32 and then make smaller scale, which like this become better. And yes is true thank him very much and now one day was doing this change on all game with labels. Left only the doors objects with 0,1,2,3,4,5 and exit but this i will do tomorrow as I will watch too football olympiacos , even if i am panathinaikos. :smile: but is a greek team trying go further. So i am with them. be well all and thanks



Moreover, you can tinker a little bit with outline and shadow of the font - it sometimes makes the font more visible:




I see @pawel.jarosz21 i will try this too, because I want player see easy the fonts when you say tinker you mean plus or minus :smile: , no worries I will make test and up and down if goes. Thanks for the suggestion from both @pawel.jarosz21 and @Denis_Makhortov , like this can community help me more with comments and suggestions also with ideas so make my game better because now I am learning and this clever tips I do not know. But ideas for the gameplay are allways welcome too. Thanks again for the support

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As for now no ideas regarding gameplay comes to my mind, but as soon as you release any demo it will probably be easier to think about the gameplay, that’s the main reason why I released demos - to make sure my ideas are enjoyable :slight_smile:



yea @pawel.jarosz21 i think you are right this i must make in next level to make a small demo people to play. But need many things to be done before i think. In events i have made all 1980 maybe of a demo of it could be good idea. But yet didnt implement the rest. So when i have a demo i will put on forum. thanks :smile:

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Kalispera sas dear defolders after the help of @pawel.jarosz21 that gave me an idea and solve a problem in code which I was doing for 3 hours, with no luck, so after I talked to him he respond with an idea, also has passed 1 hour since I wrote him, and for 1 hour I done break. When I returned at code with clear mind and @pawel.jarosz21 idea I solve the problem in 10 min. The problem was that the dynamiclist wasnot taking out 14 events of week normal, 1 st week ok, but second was taking 14 blanks and after the other 14 so my first approach was to make table.remove but with no use. And with the @pawel.jarosz21 idea use an elseif came byitself in front me how to solve it.

The all idea is to make a small demo you to see, so I pass inside the events of 3 months of 1980 for make a short demo, I will try pass some other things next so make it playable, and so have comments from you about it and ideas fro the gameplay and so on.

Down I put you photos where blue is the easy events with number 1 needs one reporter to do in one time of schedule. and as for the fake (color teal)needs usualy 3 reporter as you take easy money but you loose 1 integrity, which is bad for sales, if you write the truth (orange)you take 0,5 integrity, at quests to send reporter at events you loose money purple and you need write also the event total usualy is 2+4 reporters = 6 but you take 1 integrity and at the end you will earn money too bonus. The events gives also popularity that helps at sales of the journal. the other important events are with number 5 which are red and give more popularity.

Thanks I hope to listen your comments

thanks to all and be well



Great you managed to do this! :wink:

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Thanks , now I want also events seem at map , be well!!!

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Are you gonna use the map to show events on it?

It will be better that you show on each event what this event will do the player. Not just put one number to show how many people it require. Like on each news you will have news tagline, as you have now with specific color, but beneath the text, you can show other information:

  • Icon with people and number of people required

  • Integrity icon + what integrity you will get

  • Maybe icon of readers and how many you will get or loose

  • etc

And news sections is distorted a little bit.

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thanks for the info , yes I want show on map the events not only right,

one problem even if is good idea this you say is to show icons how to have space, my original thought was player see all the events on right after I have also other menu who call events maybe there can be more info,

or to do like you say be bigger the box_background of event and down has the icons you say. Distorted you mean the ~ is with o with umlaut and my font did not write it or you mean the fonts seem not well?

With readers will be calculation of game i think better I think player not to know, or you think is better player not to think that are random and is better now the exact amount?
Can you please analyze more your opinion on your suggestion more? thanks a lot for the suggestions I will really think and I try implement them



this you mean sports or theater or etc ?




Map and text is squeezed from sides. Like normally you will have something like this:


But you got:


As for the number of readers it really depends on your decision, i can’t advice in terms of your vision. You can make it option in settings, so player can turn it on or off to see future readers count or it will be off on hard difficulty. I can only say that for player it will be easier to see his actions, like what gonna happen if he choose this news to work on it.

For layout i can suggest something like this:

Sorry for the rough sketch. So each news consist on tagline - news header, and what player will get.
And you can (as you said) show it in the next menu, but player will have to visit this menu and switch back to check other news, so it’s better to see all at once. I myself have same trouble in my game.



Thanks very much for your sketch and info , are really helpful for me , maybe can do smaller map and bigger event button or events bigger boxes. Thanks very much again