New to defold, looking for advice

Hello everyone, sorry if I’m not allowed to post these type of things or if I posted it in the wrong section. I tried asking Reddit for help but most subs just removed my posts. I’m a beginner in the game development world and I’ve been watching a lot of videos about unity/godot I came across a YouTube comment that said I should check out defold if I was looking to make a 2D game. So here I am. However I have a few questions to see if the game I’m trying to make one day is possible. Take a look at Party in my Dorm/ Kingdoms at War. Both made by the same company. I don’t know what genre these games fit into, they are like City Builder/MMO text based? Like you fill you dorm with crewmates which give you stats, or in kaw you buy land and you put buildings which give you stats. You then fight parties or fight epic battles to gain gold and do more upgrades, the “fighting” is just clicking the fight button over and over again. It’s all 2D but kinda text based I guess, but it’s an MMO as you need to join clubs/clans to fight these parties/monsters to gain gold and further upgrade. These are older games 10+ yrs old but they’ve been my favorite ever since I was young and since the devs won’t make QOL changes I’m looking to make my own take at it. Sorry if I kinda ranted but I just need some advice on heading to the right path. Thanks for reading


I actually don’t see an actual question in your post, but I suppose you’re asking if Defold can be used for the type of game you describe? And yes, you can create almost any game using Defold. You will have an easier time if it is a 2D game but 3D is also possible. Online games is not a problem either as there are several backend services which integrate well with Defold (Nakama, PlayFab, Colyseus etc).

But if you are starting your game dev journey you need to set many small goals for yourself. Start by completely ignoring everything that has to do with online gameplay. It adds ten times the complexity and adds a significant amount of development time. Focus on just doing one thing at a time from the game you want to make. Don’t try to do it all at once!

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Well I was mainly trying to find what type of game pimd/kaw were. And yea you’re right I should start on a little areas of what I’m tryna make overall then piece it together. It’s why I’m trying to find the right genre of the game so I can look at tutorials or similar games I can get ideas from. I’m just tryna wrap my head around how it all works. Thanks for your help