Multitouch issues (DEF-3685) (SOLVED)


I am trying to use multitouch input on an Android device. I experience two kinds of problems for fast touches.

  1. Sometimes the engine does not send the released event; so I get two pressed events with the same id.

  2. Sometimes the engine keeps calling on_input with action_id = touch_multi but with pressed = false and released = false. As if a touch is going on while there is no touch at all. Once this starts never stops.

I see both issues on a debug build via adb on a huawei P10 lite.

Any help? Thanks!


Huh, we used to have issues like those you describe but they were fixed quite some time ago. Apparently there’s still a problem on certain devices. @sven was the one who made the fix. We’ll have to take another look next week when everyone’s back. Sorry about that.


Thanks! And thanks for the great work with Defold!

Happy New Year!


Created DEF-3685 and included it in our sprint planning today.


I am facing this problem too in my game.


It’s in our current sprint and @AGulev has managed to reproduce it.


Solved in 1.2.145