Making a word game - Question about label component


Hello, I am currently creating a word game. Basically, it’s a hangman game, there are questions that guide you to the answer.
The game will pick a question and the corresponding answer in a JSON file.
I’ve created a game object with a text component attached to it, which will be tiles appearing on a grid. I want each tile to correspond to a random letter. But that some of the tiles match the correct answer. (omg was I serious ?)
Please refer to the picture below



Double checking: You mean a label component?

I’m not sure I understand this. What part is random?

In the top section of your screenshot (R*CKY R*AD) you start with a all blank tiles right?

In the bottom part (the part looking like a keyboard) you associate each tile with a letter of the alphabet.

When one of the letters are pressed you check if it corresponds to a letter from the word and in that case reveal it (change from blank tile to tile with the letter).



Sorry, I just realized the concept is a little bit messy in my head. Maybe it’s the reason why I didn’t figure out a solution.

Thank you @britzl yes I meant label component. How to check each letter of a string?




local s = "defold"
for i=1,#s do
    print(s:sub(i, i))
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thank you, sorry bothering you



Not at all. Happy to help!

If you need to learn more about strings and complex string manipulation there is usually a lot of good resources here:



thank you for sharing, i’ll definitely check it !