Latest 90 days of releases from the britzl salt mines


I haven’t been very good at posting updates to the various Defold library projects that I maintain so I wrote a script to trawl my GitHub repos to compile releases made in the last 90 days:


Auto generated AWS SDK for Lua

AWS SDK 1.0.0 [britzl released 2018-11-05]

CHANGE: Code generated updated to deal with documentation strings containing linebreaks
CHANGE: Filenames for generated code more closely resembles the filenames for other AWS SDK languages
CHANGE: Updated to latest API versions


Cucumber for the Defold game engine

Cucumber-Defold 1.0.1 [britzl released 2018-10-26]

FIX: Send line number and source in step match (currently sending unknown:0 since that is the default value in cucumber-ruby-wire)


Google Analytics implementation for the Defold game engine

Defold Google Analytics 1.4.0 [britzl released 2018-09-25]

NEW: Added optional soft and hard crash callbacks to tracker.enable_crash_reporting(enabled, on_soft_crash, on_hard_crash)


Simplify input related operations such as gesture detection, input mapping and clicking/dragging game objects

Defold-Input 1.5.1 [britzl released 2018-11-20]

NEW: button.lua will assign an auto-generated node id if the node doesn’t have an id (empty hash). This is typically encountered in cloned nodes.

Defold-Input 1.5.0 [britzl released 2018-11-15]

FIX: Unregistering nodes using a string didn’t work
CHANGE: Button clicks are now required to have both pressed and released inside the button to be treated as a click

Defold-Input 1.4.1 [britzl released 2018-11-14]

FIX: Unregistering a button didn’t work. Thanks @Jerakin

Defold-Input 1.4.0 [britzl released 2018-10-25]

NEW: Accelerometer support
CHANGE: Game objects are no longer centered on the cursor when dragged. Instead their offset now remains.


LuaSec module for Defold

Defold-LuaSec 1.0.1 [britzl released 2018-10-05]

FIX: Incorrect naming of libs and includes on Windows. Thanks @jcash!


Orthographic camera functionality for the Defold game engine

Orthographic Camera API 2.6.0 [britzl released 2018-10-15]

NEW: Added render helper for easier integration in render scripts


Defold-RichText is a system to create styled text based on an HTML inspired markup language

Defold RichText 5.3.0 [britzl released 2018-11-29]

NEW: UTF8 support. Thanks Dmitriy!

Defold RichText 5.2.0 [britzl released 2018-09-12]

NEW: Added support for the a anchor tab to easily handle clickable words
FIX: Generated nodes are assigned unique ids


Unit testing in Defold

DefTest 2.6.0 [britzl released 2018-11-20]

NEW: Mock of gui.clone()

DefTest 2.5.0 [britzl released 2018-11-15]

NEW: Added support for gui.animate() and gui.cancel_animation()
FIX: Error when not providing a code coverage configuration


Match 3 engine for Defold

Emthree 1.1.0 [britzl released 2018-10-28]

NEW: Support for different slide directions when collapsing the board

Emthree 1.0.1 [britzl released 2018-10-25]

FIX: Take into account world position and scale when converting screen coordinates
CHANGE: Use of timer module for internal delays instead of go.animate()


Defold GUI system

Gooey 6.5.1 [britzl released 2018-09-26]

FIX: Adding and removing items from a dynamic list didn’t work properly


Utilities for game development using the Defold engine

Ludobits 6.2.0 [britzl released 2018-11-03]

NEW: util.lerp()


Defold platformer engine

Platypus 3.1.0 [britzl released 2018-11-15]

NEW: Collision configuration option config.collision.ground has been deprecated in favour of config.collision.groups (see documentation for details). This opens up for configuration of one-way platforms and doors.
NEW: The id of the game object that the instance is parented to is exposed as parent_id


Steamworks support for Defold using the Defold extension system

Steamworks 1.0.0 [britzl released 2018-09-17]

First public release


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