Is it possible to use just a text editor for developing games with defold?


Hi, all.

I was reading some tutorials on Internet to have an idea how to develop games with defold.

All tutorials that I found used graphics tool (scene editor, for instance).

Is that a requirement or is it possible to make entire project just coding in VIM or Visual Studio Code, for instance.

In case it were possible to completely ignore graphical tools and use just a plain text editor, could you please point me some tutorials that took this path?

I prefer do develop just writing plainnLua code :wink:

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Yes, you can develop with an external text editor, but most components aside from scripts are a lot harder to make/edit.


Example script:

And here’s a tilemap:

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Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:



You can, but you have to do some bootstrapping in the editor anyway.
For myself I have developed a python script that converts all my assets into game objects and adds factory components to a collection for them. This way I can create entire game using factories from code and I don’t need to work with the editor much.

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