Is it possible to get a tile from a created collection? (SOLVED)


Let’s assume two collections: game and level. Game collection has a factory to create a level collection, that has a tilemap inside.
Is it possible somehow to use tilemap.get_tile() to get a tile from a tilemap that is in a collection created by factory?

Because, when I try to use tilemap.get_tile(url_to_a_tilemap_in_created_collection, ...) I have an error:

ERROR:SCRIPT: /modules/platformer.lua:430: function called can only access instances within the same collection.

(There could be different level’s collection with different tilemaps loaded, but in game collection there are a player and many common game objects, so that’s why I’ve chosen such hierarchy)



You should be able to get there tile from a script component in the game collection if the collection factory is in the same collection. Are your sure the function call happens from the game collection?



Ok, indeed, it is possible, thank to your hint I checked the url again and it came out I was using incorrect url of a collection, that wasn’t created in game collection :confused: Consider the case solved! :slight_smile: