Is Defold ready for Catalina?


I know I know, never update as soon as a new OS is out :slight_smile:

I’m gathering information on all the software that I use because it has a lot of breaking changes. Also it would be interesting to see the evolution of the whole notarization drama.
Personally I’ll probably disable it straight away:

Is Defold safe and sound?



Indeed. This seems to be stirring up quite a bit of emotions with game devs abandoning macOS etc

As for app notarization we’d like to start looking into this for our editor builds soon.

We haven’t tried Defold on Catalina yet.



Everything seems to work perfectly fine over here. Haven’t noticed anything different in neither the editor, bob.jar nor the engine.



The Editor appears to work just fine for me too with Catalana.



Seems to be working fine for me as well.
I had issues when I tried Defold with Catalina in Beta, but those problems apparently straitened out over time.

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Thanks everyone…it’s going to be a busy weekend then :slight_smile:

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Seems to be working fine for me as well.

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