Intro animation

Hi, is it possible to do an introductory animation? I would like to create an intro where the name of the game is gradually animated and then the beginning of the story that the game will be about. The images are large 1280x720 and there are many of them. Isn’t that a bad idea? How can this be done? Is it possible to enjoy animation created in another program?
Thank you for your time, Petra


Yes, it is possible and as you might suspect there are multiple ways to do it :wink: for me, the most convenient is using GUI. You just import all your frames from a premade animation and make an atlas with animation consisting of those frames and then set it as a texture of a GUI node that fits the screen.

However, if you are saying those frames are 1280x720 (and how many of frames?) , that might take really a lot of space, especially in such big resolution - if it’s not a problem, then ok, otherwise you might consider if it is possible to recreate the animation in the engine in a clever way using images that are part of your animations and gui.animate() functions and that is what I would recommend to try regardless :wink:

Defold Team is working on Rive support and we don’t know yet how it will look like, but it might be a good alternative to you when implemented :wink: @britzl - do you imagine something like this with Rive?


Thank you for the advice and help!

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Rive is really flexible and could probably be used for this.

Another option is to use the video player extension.

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