HTML5 Bundle Errors Lua modules (SOLVED)


I’m getting a lot of “the module XXXXXXXXX can’t be found” when I try to do a HTML5 bundle. I have a lot of modules (building a bit of a framework – eventually some may be dropped) and as a result nothing is building.

It seems to be related to an issue with how I initially require the module but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

e.g. local _ = require ‘allen’
e.g. local tester = require “util.tester”

These are part of these specific libraries and local builds run fine. Though HTML5 build does not.

This is one of my own modules throwing errors:

local constants = require(“main.Constants”)

What am I missing?



Never had this happened to me but one thing I can think of is that some OS does not like capitalized letters. Maybe try to rename “main.Constants” to “main.constants”?



I’ll check on that… also thinking now it might be some additional pathing issues that the bundle build is more sensitive to than the in-editor build… What I don’t want to do for now is start ripping stuff out completely just to get a build if I don’t have to.



So it was definitely pathing issues. FWIW it seems that while the normal editor isn’t finicky about exact pathing HTML Bundle Build wants full paths for any required module. Once I cleared up those paths with perfect paths it did attempt to build. Now seeing other issues unrelated to this.

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