How to verify system requirements?


Maybe it’s not a Defold strict question, but do you guys know how can I specify minimum and recommended requirements for my game? Are there some tools/services for this to automate it a little bit?



@pawel.jarosz21 I found this written in internet but I never use sth like that …says about a tool ( xperf is incredibly powerful, but has a steep learning curve. It doesn’t hold your hand as much as the VS profilers. It also looks like there’s an open source profiler called “Sleepy” ) but maybe is not them good, better someone else knows better. thanks

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It depends on the platform. On mobile, especially Android, it is possible to exclude devices with certain characteristics.

I’m not sure about desktop. I guess maybe services like Steam can help with this. Otherwise perhaps a native extension that could be used to make a system check?



Things like minimum storage space are easy, of course. For Fates of Ort all I did was find the worst device that could run it (my old laptop from 2012, still running even though the case is cracked and it shuts down by overheating when watching Youtube) and used those specs as the baseline.



Ok, that’s exactly what I needed to know! Nice badge, @topbraj :grin: