How do I record multiple touch inputs at the same time?


If so how can I do that?

  1. Add this to input: multi1
  2. Add this to init:".", "acquire_input_focus")
  3. Add this to final:".", "release_input_focus")
  4. Add this to action:
    if action_id == hash("t") then for i, pos in ipairs(action.touch) do

This is what I use for my multiple touch games :slight_smile:

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Thanks I’ll definitely try it out


What other methods can I use for this?


You need to iterate through the action.touch table and check what touch inputs you get, there is no other method.


Can I still work with action.y and action.x using this method?


Each entry in action.touch contains the x and y position of the touch point. See this section in the input manual: