How can I convert mouse coordinates betwen different viewports size? (SOLVED)


Hi, Im using render script from britzl:

When I resize the window, the Gameobjets are in diferent window position, this makes mouse position useless.

How can I solve this? thanks



This has been giving me trouble for a long time, but I cracked it recently:

Put this in your init(self) function:


and then use this function to get new screen size when the window is resized:

local function window_callback(self, event, data)
    if event == window.WINDOW_EVENT_RESIZED then
     	screen_size.x, screen_size.y = data.width, data.height

This is what I have in the on_input() function which tracks the cursor:

local zoom = math.min(screen_size.x / 1280, screen_size.y / 1024)
local projected_width = screen_size.x / zoom
local projected_height = screen_size.y / zoom
local xoffset = -(projected_width - 1280) / 2
local yoffset = -(projected_height - 1024) / 2
local x = (action.x / 1280) * projected_width + xoffset
local y = (action.y / 1024) * projected_height + yoffset

Note that I have the default screen sizes hardcoded here (1280x1024), so you’ll probably want to change that.

x and y are the coordinates corresponding to the cursor position you see.

Note that:

  1. if the window gets resized on startup (say, the default resolution is bigger than what you’re using at that moment), the values are not going to be right until you resize the window manually. To solve that you need to send a message with the correct sizes from the render script at startup.
  2. I’m far from an expert. There might be a simpler solution. Or maybe there are some edge cases I’m not aware of, but this worked for me.


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Yeah, but when my window is 800x600, a GO in the left corner in the project is in x=0 and x=0 in window.

But when I maximize the window, in project GO position is x=0 (normal) , and in the window is more in the center of the screen, this is why I need a converter.

Months later and the camera is still as bad as before…



Did you try using one of the camera solutions in the asset portal? Both are very easy to use and should help you solve your problem in a single line of code.



With RenderCam works as expected, thanks.