Hello, i need a help with monarch


I have a several questions:

  1. I see that screens have long load in the my phone where i am debuging and if i check preload screens the steel laggy, i don’t understand how to use preload and etc. please help me.
  2. I called proxy Game and can use monarch.back() for the Menu but when i called factory Upgrades screen from the Game i can’t use monarch.back() it is do nothing.
  3. When muve from screen game menu i have a Game Collection that i need to hide and when i use menu game (game collection already loaded) buy i need to have a message for show the collection items, but i don’t know how to pass.

The transition trables in a screen( i don’t know, maybe monarch have some special instruments for it and i am inventing the weel

when i off the hide, it is not good this transport delay

This is loading the GAME screen without. loong(



On which phone is it slow? How slow? Are you testing a bundled app or using the mobile development app?

This is what you posted about in a separate topic right?

You can pass data together with a screen when calling monarch.show(screen, options, data). And read it using monarch.data(screen). Check the Monarch documentation or example for more info.



Yes, it is. And i used transitions and don’t have any errors. It don’t do anything, but button works correctly, i checked it by print.

Nope, phone is good: xiaomy redmi note 7 pro. And yes i use the debbuger app, so it can be because it is debug app, i know, but i need to know that is the main reason.

Thank you, i know what about you say, but maybe exist much better way of doing it, maybe some special functions of monarch.



If you use the debugger app, especially over wifi (are you using wifi or USB? ) it will be slow because all of the content gets streamed from your computer to your phone as the collection is loaded. You can easily verify that this is the case by bundling and installing the app.

I just showed you the functions Monarch provides for passing data between screens. Monarch provides no other way. If you want another solution of sharing data between screens I suggest that you store the data in a Lua module instead.



I use the usb.

I don’t say that it is a bad way, i jusy ask, is it exist the automatic way how to hide all collection elements and show them again after a transition



I though that the whole game was streamed to the phone at first, and not just the first collection, or the one loaded. Would it be a big change?



Ok, then it should be fairly fast at least. What about if you bundle and install the application? Is it much faster? What is the size of your .atlas files?

I don’t understand what you are asking here? Do you wish to hide something while navigating?



I don’t recall the implementation details, but I believe it loads resource from the host machine as they are loaded in the engine (usually per loaded collection).