Has anyone used Defold to create an ecommerce application?


I work with and sometimes build food trucks. One of the things I get hired for is building ecommerce and websites. Defold seems like an excellent tool for adding some very interesting ideas such as gamified menu ordering or any custom workshop commerce system. Literally building your order in a game setting. Basically paperdolling. Youd be surprised how little of that exists in the ecommerce world. Home remodeling, food, art etc.

For example I have used godot to bid and sell food trailers by building a first person scene and letting the customer walk around and explore their food trailer prior to ordering it. (actually have one sitting in the shop waiting to be finished when I recover from chemo)

The problem is the two systems are seperated- ecommerce systems by default usually do not have paperdolling systems nor 3d explorations that are connected with purchasing ability. They force you to use to seperate sections an about webpage and a eccomerce menu page. But wuth defold’s ingame purchasing potential this maybe could be rectified by combining in game purchase with paperdolling.

Has anyone here done something like this or what is the possiblity of this? Or maybe I am not being clear with my question.



I’m not aware of anyone using Defold in that way, but I’m sure it’s possible!

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Good. Its a thought for future exploration.

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