Gui node anchoring


I have two nodes used for displaying score that should be displayed on opposite corners of the display. This is how I want it to look.

I’ve set the display to 320x568. This is by gui in the editor.

If I understand the anchoring correctly, the red score should appear in the upper right corner. I have set the anchoring for the red one to top, right.


Ok, and do you get the required result or does it look differently? If so, how does it look?


Sorry forgot to mention that.

I’m also confused because I have another gui that works fine.


Feel free to share the project with me ( and I’ll take a quick look.


Project shared.


The repository seems to be empty. Have you synchronized your files?


I’m getting an error when I try to synchronize


@Erik_Angelin and @mats.gisselson, what could be causing this?


I think @Ragnar_Svensson is working on it, we found the bug last week. Will probably be fixed shortly!


There should be an update with a fix for this available shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.

Dt is way too fast (DEF-3146) (SOLVED)