[Gooey] List that grows from left to right



why is the default behaviour right to left? Isn’t it more common for the first item in a horizontal list to start from left?
Right now i basically just changed some + to - (vice versa) in “internal/list.lua” to get it somehow working. Now the indexing is messed up and needs to to be fixed.

But before i go any further: Do i need to fiddle with the source or is there a flag or something?

One more, can someone point me in the right direction how to do carousel list on top of a gooey list?
Like when i swipe the centered most listitem gets snapped in position.



It is what was implemented in the pull request that I received and I didn’t think much about it at that time. I guess adding a flag to specify direction would be a good solution to cover your use case of left to right.

I’m not sure if anyone’s done this already. It could either be a separate component or maybe again a new flag to the list.

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Oh, yeah, I did this PR, and yes, didn’t made any flag for this, trying to be as close to the legacy lists as possible - and yes that flag would be great, I’ll check if I remember the whole flow of setting up those lists and see if it can be done easily :wink: I think the way of just changing some signs should be enough. And no, I didn’t make any circular lists except the menu I made for spells in my game - but it’s static and I didn’t use Gooey in that case - how do you imagine such list? A dynamic list with potentially infinite number of nodes, or static wheel of choices?



nvm, ditched the whole gooey list thingy and made my own from scratch, better decision anyway for what’s in my mind

but thanks for help



Cool, happy to hear that you unblocked yourself and could move forward! I made a new release of Gooey where the list component now has a config table as a new argument (breaking change!). Dynamic lists can now be configured to work as a list carousel that wraps around the data it is provided.