Game runs very slow on PC and Android (DEF-3006) (SOLVED)


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OK, wait for me.


It’s a good idea, but please note “卡” means stuck,slow running, not “card”.


The project I have already sent to you by email.


I’m unable to run it. The project is missing a bunch of files:


On, sorry. I forgot something.







Thanks. Got a new version. All looks good when running on desktop (OSX 10.13.6)

A lot slower on mobile (three year old Android device):

Let me dig in a bit and try to figure out why.


Of course, It’s normal on Windows and OS X, but this is not the key point. Mainly run on Android and IOS, my test is 110ms per frame on Android. And, I found one thing that is the profile data is different between the web profiler and visual profiler. Maybe use visual profiler will be more accurate. install the apk on mobile.


Yes, I get that. And I had like ~50ms per frame on Android so I’ll:




你安装了APK吗?什么手机?是直接运行看那个visual profiler吗?








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Ok, me and Sven took a look and from what we can tell the engine spends a whole lot of time updating the transform of model vertices (done on the CPU). The small Mahjong tiles are really complex (~500 positions and ~2900 normals). You should be able to simplify these dramatically without much visual impact on mobile.


Try swapping the higher poly model with a simple cube to confirm?

I think one of the future 3D optimizations mentioned previously would benefit this kind of situation with many duplicate objects with the same model?