Game install blocked (SOLVED)


Hi there!

One (and only one for the moment) of our players get this when he tries to install the game. How to solve this? I am sorry, but I am not an expert about this… Thanks!




If the user clicks ‘More info’ a ‘Run Anyway’ button might appear next to ‘Don’t run’. Can they get it to run that way?

I’m not sure, but I think this message stops appearing if you app is run by enough users that MS/SmartScreen can ‘establish it’s reputation.’

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Yes, the user did run the game (probably as you suggested). The app at the moment is just a demo and it can hardly reach a “reputation” with SmartScreen… :slight_smile:

Good to know there is no “real” issue in the code.

Many many thanks for your help! And welcome to the Defold forum!



To make sure your app runs properly on your client, you need to sign the executable with a certificate (e.g. AuthentiCode).