Game flickering when have two monitors


No flickering on video. But in screen in is flickering from normal view, to that bad view.
This happened only when i have second monitor plug in. It happened always on game start.

Resizing game window, is fixed it.=)

Looks like, some hardware or system problem, but maybe you have some ideas=)

System:windows 10
laptop:ASUS ZenBook UX430UN



Vanilla engine?

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No. A lot of ne.


I try empty, project and it worked ok=)

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Try with just DefOS?

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Oooh, I remember seeing this mentioned by @AJirenius quite a while back. Not sure if he ever traced the source.



I have init collection. That collection is loading next scene(collection proxy).

When i not loading next scene, all ok. If i use next scene as start collection, it also worked ok.