Game Development Tutorials, Discussions, and Defold YouTube Videos


Hi all,

I used to make YouTube tutorials in the domain of rom hacking. Over time, those videos have received over 200,000 views and served as a healthy introduction to the rom hacking community and the hobby in general.

I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel surrounding game development tutorials, discussions, and Defold videos! Throughout the coming years, I’ll be making lots of open-source projects that come with video tutorials and interactive HTML5 demos. For example, a video I have in the works is a technical dive into cellular automata and procedural generation using Defold.

I just released my first video: a dev diary on a game I’m working on called “Rogue Cosmocracy.” Check it out if you’re interested!

Happy Defolding!



This is great! Thank you for sharing!



I guess I will update this thread every time I upload a significant video that focuses on some Defold implementation or tutorial.

I just released my very first tutorial: Cellular Automata & Procedural Map Generation. Check it out here:

This project comes with an interactive HTML5 demo. Find it here:

If you’re interested in seeing the source code, find it here: