Failed to decode sound


Hello guys
I’m trying to add sound in my game, but I’m receiving this error:

Pls help me. What does it mean and how can I deal with it?

All my sounds in .wav and under 44100



Ok, let’s look at the code. The error comes from this line in comp_sound.cpp (the sound component):

The result/error codes are defined in sound.h:

-8 is RESULT_INVALID_STREAM_DATA and it happens when trying to decode the sound:

This finally leads us to “Failed to decode sound (-2)” with the -2 being an error code of dmSoundCodec::Result which we find here:

-2 is RESULT_INVALID_FORMAT so there is definitely something wrong with your sounds! Perhaps you can share one of the wav files here?



Oh sorry
For real, after decreasing my sounds to 44100hz went something wrong and they stoped playing…
Sorry again, i had to check it before posting the question

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