Facebook Instant - Save function


Hi, just struggling to get my head around the save function and where leaderboards and player progress is saved when a game is “web hosted” on Facebook Instant games.

Does Facebook save the player progress/score data on the user’s profile or do I still need to make a server to link it to and just cross reference the profile ID with their ID on the server?



Facebook takes care of everything for you. Just call the provided functions to get and set scores:

The name argument of the leaderboard functions must be the name of a leaderboard which you have defined in the Facebook Admin for your game.

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And when it comes to player data (https://github.com/defold/extension-fbinstant#fbinstantset_player_datadata-callback) it is also stored by Facebook.

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that is such a life saver cause researching how to set up a server is hurting my brain lol thanks :slight_smile:



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Yes, you really want to stay away from hosting and developing your own backend if you can.

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