Facebook.access_token issue (iOS)


I have the issue, then I am trying to get facebook.access_token after game init.

On android, if I have logged in facebook on previous sessions, all ok. But on iOS I got nil access token

In game I have the next logic: if FB token is not exist, try to login in facebook.
And after this login window is appear, I got the FB token, without any action on this window (even it still open).

Why it can be? I cant get the access token on iOS in next sessions after login without FB login window.


Hmm, we do facebook tests prior to every release and there was no Facebook issue reported in the last release. Can you isolate this down to a single script and share it?

Do you have the facebook app installed on both Android and iOS?

Which iOS version have you tested on?


Yea, I will try make a simple project to show this issue, but after weekend (I will post here with it)
I have no facebook app on Android, and have two devices on iOS: with and without facebook app. iOS version is different, the last one I test (with fb app): 11.4.1

I will gather all info what I can and post update later