Exporting to Android: signing an aab for release

Hi all,

I would like to ask my fellow app-creators how they go about signing their aabs for release.
My understanding of the process suggested in Google’s instructions is:

  • create one upload keystore that holds upload keys for each of your apps.
  • give upload keys and keystore different passwords.

I use the latest version of Defold (1.2.186).
When I create an aab for release from within the editor , this is the situation:

  • Unless keystore and key share the same password, bundling does not finish.
  • There is no option to choose a specific key held in the keystore file.

So, what do you folks do when you upload several apps:

  • create a new keystore for each app, that holds only the one key for this app?
  • use the same keystore and key for all of your apps?
  • do something else?
  • did I misunderstand the signing process?

I have never uploaded an app before and would be very grateful for your advice.

Thanks a lot in advance


This is something we should fix. Task can be found here:


Hello @britzl,

thank you very much for your reply and the link!

I had found this task already while pondering about Google’s new signing procedure and read that there will be a fix.

Maybe I should have formulated my question a bit better - sorry about that:
I wanted to find out how folks here sign their apps in the meantime, while they cannot target a specific key in the keystore. Is it ok to use the same key for all apps or would it be better to create a new keystore and key for each app?

You see, I never published an app before, want to avoid mistakes and am a bit nervous.

Anyway - thanks again for your reply.

Many greetings and have a nice evening


Sorry about that. I didn’t really answer your question!

I would personally use the same keystore and key for each app.

Although I see now that the Play App Signing is required for all new apps after August 2021. I have not used this feature myself so I can’t give much advice.

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Good morning @britzl!

Oh yes, you did give me valuable advice that helped me a lot - thank you very much indeed!
I will now confidently upload my two apps and pester my testers with them. They cannot wait :grin:

Have a lovely Friday



I started looking into this only to find that it is no longer possible to use a different keystore password and keystore key password due to an issue in recent versions of the JDK. This is also affecting Android Studio: Android Studio release notes  |  Android Developers


Thanks @britzl!

Hello all,

just some info that people who want to create their release keystore and key using Android Studio might find useful.

Google’s instructions still advise you to use different passwords for key and keystore.
Now, as @britzl found out, both must have the same password.
This is the case since Android Studio Version 4.2 (please see the links @britzl provided).

So I downloaded this version and used a template to try it out:

  • Android Studio 4.1: a keystore and key with different passwords are created without error and the the template builds successfully.
  • Android Studio 4.2 will now give you an error message:

After clicking ok, you’ll see this:

I had clicked the link in the manual to Google’s instructions and followed their advice to use different passwords. Since I used Android Studio 4.1, keystore and key were created without error message. So it did not occur to me to look for ‘known issues’ (@britzl did and found the links above). When the build failed in Defold, I was puzzled and started this topic. Had Google updated their instructions page, I would not have pestered you. @britzl, sorry for the extra work and thanks again for your help!




Thank you for sharing your investigation!

Don’t worry. It was useful for us!