Error on Textures


So I’m getting this…

WARNING:GUI: Failed to create dynamic gui texture (-6)

But the program is working fine… I think what’s happening is I’m dynamically reloading images I loaded in the GUI before but never deleted. I deleted the objects they were loaded into but not the textures themselves that were attached to them.

Is that correct? If so need to think about how to remove textures, or not attempting to reload them if they’re already present. Thanks.



Yes, you need to manage dynamically created textures yourself.



Ok so my quick question is, is there an easy way to find out if a texture is still loaded up and not deleted. I was trying to come up with a way to say…

if gui.get_texture = “yep” then don’t reload, just set-it again for new object.
if gui.get_texture = “nope” then load it back up

In some ways the system is doing that, but it throws the soft-error and I don’t like that :slight_smile: I want it clean.

Obviously I can delete the texture I guess, but in this case it’s actually nice that it’s already loaded but right now I have no independent code helping to instantiate that information for later reference.