Do not open this suitcase: devlog


I’ve never seen any ._ files before, but now that I Google for it I see that it is a thing and also a real problem. They are Mac file system files of some kind, likely generated by some setting or from how the drive was formatted. Is there anything special about your OSX installation?


Yes: almost all my data is stored on a nifty drive (it’s an SD card that sits flush inside the laptop and is never removed) because my internal HD is just 128GB. I don’t know why only certain files create ._ files but I think it’s something to do with files I copy and paste (or otherwise interfere with) using Finder.

So you have to be in a pretty specific situation in order to run into trouble. But the problem is, these files are super hidden. Normal hidden files (that start with a dot) can be easily unhidden using system preferences. But ._ files cannot, and there is not a lot of information on the web that clearly explains that. People are not clear about it and many sources seemed to think that ._ are the same as . files.

It would be useful for defold to warn of these duplicates the same way it warns of other duplicated file names. I know defold can see them, because they appear deleted in the “changed files” section.


Hi Everybody! Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

So, it looks like I am finished with Do Not Open This Suitcase. The two versions - my weird version and the not-weird, corporate version I made for professional use - are now complete, and unless the company asks me for any changes to the corporate version, I am proud to say that my work here is done. I have learned a lot, earned a little money, got an all expenses paid trip to Germany, and asked approximately 100 questions on the defold forum.

The main thing I learned is that while making a game is quite difficult (even a very simple game like this one), it’s also “the easy part”.

The fact of the matter is that whether you are making something (fairly) generic like a FPS, or something weird like a real-life bomb that people can deactivate, you need marketing, social media, and also anything else you can do to get people interested in your game. In this case I spent around €1500 to a friend’s technology company to start selling the corporate version to companies, leisure centres, and other interested parties. Luckily, they were able to advise me a lot (and did a lot of free favours before I paid them the money) because they were my friends. So, the lessons here are making contacts, using your contacts, and paying money to people who are good at the thing you hate doing.

Very soon I will start making a new game. A great game. A game that will change things forever. (see my next post).


Can’t believe i thought i was finished with this project ! :sweat_smile: I think I was pretty burned out after Christmas, i have had a pretty good January in terms of my real-life job and I’m back in action now. Last weekend I was in Barcelona in the “triangulo friki”, an area with many comic book shops, escape rooms, arcades, board game bars, etc. trying to drum up business and it looks like I’ll have a couple of events there later in the year. Maybe a quick visit to the King offices there as well?! who knows!

Photo from one of my English classes this morning…! They had fun once they got over the initial shock!


This is so cool! Well Done!