Different game speed on Mac and Windows machines (DEF-3262) (SOLVED)


Hey there,

I am working on the same project on Windows and sometimes on Mac and I’ve noticed that the game speed drops on Mac (any Mac, I tried 2 different machines) probably 2-3 times slower. I suspect this is somehow related to the fact that on Windows I have Nvidia GSync enabled 144Hz? Obviously having two different “speed” variable values depending from the operation system is a bit clunky solution…


I can confirm, I’ve just changed screen refresh rate from 144Hz (default for my GSync enabled monitor) to 60Hz and now it works with the same speed as on Mac, so the reason why it is so fast on Windows is clearly 144Hz monitor refresh rate. Seems like a bug to me…


I believe @Johan_Beck-Noren is looking at this. He can perhaps tell you more.


Yes this is a known issue (DEF-3262) of the engine assuming 60Hz. An MVP we are working on for solving this is querying for monitor refresh rate at init and use that to determine the correct time step.


Fallout 76 had a beta recently on PC and it didn’t have FPS options in the settings, but you could force a higher FPS from your video card control panel by disabling vsync and get speed hacks in game. Kind of important since it’s a multiplayer game. :clown_face:

I have a few games in late polish for release on Steam and I expect we’ll hear from many people about this issue if it’s not fixed before they release…


We almost got it into this release but there was some final cleanup and testing to do so it will end up in 1.2.141 instead.


Solved in 1.2.143