Which versions of dependencies are you using?
Could you please test the attached project (1.5 KB)


My dependencies:

I just tried your test project. Same results. I tried on another Windows 10 PC, and still not getting the refused connection event. I can connect fine though.

I just tried this on a Mac, and yes the refused connection event gets triggered there! In fact, even the disconnection event is ok. Could this be a Windows issue then? Anyone else can confirm this please?

However, I tried the html5 build, and even the Mac is having the same issues. Tried with both Safari and Chrome. Does this work for you in html5 build on a Mac?

Thanks for the help.


In summary, here’s what I am getting.

On Windows 10, tested on 2 computers:
Server not running - I can NOT catch a connection refused error, both from the editor and html5 builds.
Server running - I can NOT catch the disconnection event from the editor, on html5 build it is OK.

On a Mac:
Server not running - I can catch a connection refused error from the editor, but NOT from the html5 build.
Server running - I can catch the disconnection event, both from the editor and html5 builds.


Looks like there is a serious problem. Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows right now.
But I believe @britzl can help us out?


There’s different implementations for HTML5 and desktop builds so there’s no surprise that you might see different behaviours. Can you please open a ticket on GitHub in the Defold-Websocket project and I’ll take a look? Thanks.