Defold Simple Platformer


Hi all,

I am developing a platformer that involves gravity manipulation. Unfortunately, very little exists in the Asset Portal to assist with platformer physics, especially in the case of uncertain gravitational velocities.

Defold Simple Platformer (DSP) is a straightforward physics module that performs precise raycast collision detection and reaction. The most prominent feature of DSP is its ability to adjust to differing gravitational velocities. For example, if the player is running on the ceiling, the module will adjust all of its internal components to comply with an upside-down and backwards physics world. Of course, gravity changes are not required when using DSP, but something worth mentioning.

New features will be added within the coming days. Happy Defolding!



This is a really nice module, the demo is actually a good idea for a game itself :smiley: Good job! And thank you very much for sharing this! :heart:

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Hello PlankSoftware,

You have really done a grate job. The dsp.lua script looks very neat and organized… What kind of features are you planning to add? is it for soon?


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