Defold roadmap 2018-09-11


+1 This is also mostly what I hope will come with the revision to the undo workflow. I don’t mind the global level undo(which can be useful in some cases), as much as simply not being able to see what was just un-done.


I am really looking forward to 3D and material improvements! Hopefully that includes features such as being able to define meshes (such as using low poly version of a mesh for collisions) as collision meshes and use dynamically generated meshes for collision.


Yes, we’re thinking things such as: Webview, IAP, Physics, Spine, Facebook, Push

Yes, the Switch is the most likely first platform to port to.

Yes, this might get fixed soon (before local undo).


Just making sure you know it’s already possible to remove the physics from the build?


No I didn’t! It’s possible I’ve already done this and forgotten, but I don’t see a ‘disable’ option in the project settings and can’t think where else to look.


Found this guy, thanks britzl.
Excluding physics, record (didn’t know that existed), profiler and facebook reduced my build size by 119kb. I’ve not ticked the ‘generate build report’ box before, think I know where my build size is coming from now :sweat_smile:


Edit: just changed all the .wav files to .ogg (vorbis) and brought the build down from ~60MB to ~8.5 MB :blush: … I’ll stop derailing this thread now!


Yay, great success! 8.5Mb is a really impressive number. @Oleg_The_Evangelist has been tweeting a lot about the impact of APK size for install numbers.


let me join @connor.halford in being a derailleur =]

The thread is long, but fun to read. My main take away that in mid 2018 American Reddit users still care about their games’ footprint on device, let alone the download size. We have Live Updates feature in Defold to mitigate the size problem. Recording the video about it next week.

Finally, for Connor and everybody else - here’s a video explaining the App Manifest, a Defold feature that enables your Defold games strip out unused Defold runtime features.


As for the new platforms, probably the smartest idea is to start with UWP. I mean it’s what windows is/will be using, and you can get access into xbox as an extension.


definitely 3D support, seeing some games just works better in 3D


Maybe a soulution for you, with “mklink” (my favourit cmd command !):
Mklink /d “C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Defold” “E:\Defold_LOCAL”
(“E:\Defold_LOCAL” is just a example. You can use any folder on a hdd, instead of ssd. This way you create an alias-folder in windows. So it doesnt touch the drive C: , everything goes to your selected drive / folder. And no space will be abused on C: )



Ambicious goals. Like that ! My favourites are:

  • Editor extensibility
  • 3D-improvements

My wishes for the roadmap:

  • activate / deactivate components, scripts via checkbox (speeds up workflow)
  • 3D Camera. For different scenarios. Shake effects / depth effects, etc
  • public values / variables displayed on the script-object or on the main.collection or any element that is possible (faster value access, a workflow thing )
  • vector support, maybe SVG

What i like now :

  • super small build file sizes
  • very performant engine
  • runs very well on older devices

In addition to the newer APIs Vulkan & Metal i wish to have a legacy mode openGL 2.0. This way you can stay compatible to older systems. Also as an important thing in my opinion, is the build-size. Now we have small build sizes. Would be great if it stays low, after every DEFOLD update.


We will always focus on build size. Defold will never be a bloated engine. It will stay small.

And we will not remove OpenGL but we need to support alternatives for those platforms that do not use or have deprecated it.


nice to hear that :+1:


Hi Britzl:
In audio, could Defold please consider below in wav? Thanks.
32 bit/96000 Hz/stereo.


Does it mean that DEF-2977 will be fixed? @Mathias_Westerdahl
That’s annoying that for now impossible to use some of NE like an external dependencies.


Well, I hadn’t really thought about that one for the “beta release”, but I will definitely take a look at it.


Is there any way the community can help with the Vulkan implementation? I ported two games to Vulkan and since I use Defold for my hobby projects, I feel like I could contribute.


I believe in DEFOLD and the team behind it !

I have created the Defold-Logo in CAD and rendered it out. Because i like it, and i wanted to see how it looks like in a 3d visualization style. Next step would be: 3d print it out as a keychain / key fob :sunglasses:. (don´t know where the name came from, but it sounds a lil bit like “default”)


While we appreciate the offer to help we would prefer to do this work in-house. We’re planning the whole process now. It’s a fairly complex affair with many things to take into consideration. We can’t simply abandon OpenGL and need to design a solution that allows us to use different render pipelines depending on target platform and configuration.