Defold Facebook group?


We at Defold spend as much time as we can on the engine, and don’t do much marketing/SMM/PR for multiple reasons. The main one is probably that we believe that the great technology benefits from the word of mouth. And it does :wink: But not on Facebook, apparently.

With this… If anybody is in the mood for making a Defold group on Facebook, please talk to me over Slack.

  • I expect a small group of Defold users to found the group and coordinate the content themselves, just like @AGulev does it on the Russian side of interwebs:
  • I can imagine people from Defold and King occasionally being active in such Facebook group as well. But this should be a community effort.
  • We’ll support/endorse the group from Defold FB page and other official channels, but again, the Defold group onFB should be a mainly community initiative.

Any comments and reflections are very welcome.


I can do this!!!


We need some more people to have the group unbiased. I volunteer to hang out and sporadically share something cool. @88.josh is in.

We need 3-4 more, so the group has less chances to become too opinionated and also to reduce the bus factor.

I see the group totally liberal, curated and managed by community. With no pressure and commitments. But we can discuss the rules once more people volunteer :wink:


It’s true that I am very biased towards @88.josh .


In that case, count me in! :smiley: But I don’t promise I won’t be opinionated towards Atom and indentation with 2 spaces. :laughing:


I’m game.

Not sure how much I can post, but I can throw random screenshots of the sucky stuff I build once or twice a week.


It is fine, no any commitments. I’ll help the group to get started after the GDC.
If anybody else is willing to join - please do.