Data limit in collections?



I hope that everyone is doing well! My team and I are creating graphics for our upcoming game. We wanted to be able to create graphics (such as rocks, trees, grass, etc.) and then construct the level geometry using these assets within Defold. The alternative would be to create one big level in the graphics software rather than individual assets. My question is, would creating individual assets ultimately result in a slow performing game due to many game objects?

If so, is there any work around to this?




There are multiple things to consider here.

  1. Render performance. How many draw calls does it take to draw your graphics? More draw calls = slower. You can reduce draw calls by having many different things in a single large atlas instead of many many small atlases.
  2. Script performance. If you have a lot of game objects and interact with them every frame or if you have many scripts your performance may suffer. Not necessarily, but there is a risk at least. Use the profiler to keep on top of performance bottlenecks.



Thanks for your response, this helps very much. The scene game objects will not be interacting with each other, and it makes sense for them to all be located within the same, or split between a small number of atlases.

I will also take a look into this as well!

Thanks so much for your response!

All the best,