Creating a physics joint between two or more physical objects?


Hi all,

Any ideas on the best way to create a moving / flexible physics joint between two or more physical objects ?

For example, create a joints that can be used to join the limbs of a ragdoll figure, or attach the wheels of a vehicle to its body…etc, similar to the Box2D joints (ie. Pivot, Distance, Piston, Friction, Weld, Wheel, Pulley, Touch, Rope, Gear joints)

Many Thanks

Throwing dynamic objects (SOLVED)

There is currently no support for joints so you need to write a solver for what you need. @Ragnar_Svensson might have some ideas?


These are all good suggestions imo, and it’s nice to know that this is actually already in the Box2D engine.


I absolutely agree, joints the must have feather.
I Hope for a soon integration.


started to port some games on Defold from flash. really vote up for joints feature!