Create game entirely in GUI


I’m about to start a game where the player always sees the whole gameworld, like most puzzle games. Because I’ll be using stencils to solve one of the mechanics, the current plan is to create the game completely within one GUI.

Before I start I’d like to know if there might be issues I’ve overlooked in this approach, or any gotchas?

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GUI has limit for 1024 nodes per one GUI file. As I know it is hardcoded value, and can’t be changed.



That’s great to know. Should be fine in my case.

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Each gui component/scene has one material. You can’t apply shader effects to only some nodes (unless you put those in another gui scene or use the z-value of the node to branch your shader).



That could be a potential issue. The plan is to use an oval stencil to mask a character. There is no clean solution to do that with go’s right?



I’ve started on the game, and have another observation: Structuring code is harder, because there is a limit of one script file per GUI.



You can use Lua modules to get basically the same flexibility as with multiple scripts.