Crash when lots of physics objects collide


Started getting a crash today. I do have many objects.

crash.lua (61.5 KB)
crash2.lua (61.9 KB) (2.3 KB)

And why txt files are not allowed as attachments?

So it happens when I have around a thousand of 3d physics objects. Produces random crash reports. Happens shortly (100ms or so) after the game is launched, presumably when all dynamic objects fall onto static objects and produce lots of collision responses.

Implemented a workaround by consolidating large floor areas into a single physics objects. Sadly physics bodies don’t scale when created with factory.create() so I had to have a copy of my floor object with larger collision box to later match it with scaled gameobject (can’t scale model in the gameobject file).



I guess we haven’t needed it until now?I added them now.