Continual Redirect to Login with Google


Is this issue fixed for everyone else? I was going to update my game page today which seems to require a non-forum log in and I see I still get caught in the loop. Pinging @samuel.nystedt.


Sorry, meant to get back to you sooner.

What happens if you DO block 3rd party cookies in your browser? This should trigger a fallback solution that works for the cases that we were able to reproduce.

Does logging in to the forum work without trouble?


No worries.

Thanks - blocking 3rd party cookies works and allows me to log in (if I clear the existing ones).

I seem to just stay logged in to the forums.


What do you mean by not staying logged in to the website. Are you always logged out the next time you visit? How long in between?


I visit the forums more frequently than the main website (I tend to Google issues I’m having which leads me directly to the forums). I have never been logged out from the forums, that I can remember anyway.

I’m not sure how often I visit the actual website/dashboard - as you can see from my last response it’s been 3 weeks since I attempted it last. I am pretty sure I need to log in most of the time when I visit the website, but I can’t actually remember whether I need to log in every time. Today, my login from yesterday is still active (and I re-enabled 3rd party cookies as soon as I got in). Not sure this is helpful so let me know if there’s anything else I can add.


I see, that would be because the session on the website is set to timeout after 5 days, but the session length on the Discourse forum is 60 days. Would of course make sense to sync those values :slight_smile:


Now you should be able to log in without 3rd party cookies blocked. Please let me know if it works for you.


Confirmed - no issues logging in now :+1:


No problems here either.