Collada model missing faces


I am trying to import a Collada dae model exported from Blender into Defold. However, in Defold it is missing faces which have no issue rendering in blender:



Make sure you fix the normals before exporting.



I checked the normals and everything is fine in Blender as far as I can tell. All the faces have normals pointing out from the object.



Make sure the model has the same winding order of the triangles as you set in the render script.

render.enable_state(render.STATE_CULL_FACE) -- or disable it: render.disable_state(render.STATE_CULL_FACE)
render.set_cull_face(render.FACE_BACK) -- render.FACE_FRONT, render.FACE_FRONT_AND_BACK
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Thanks, I tried all the render face settings but none of them corrected the issue (and ruined some of my other models since I put it in the render loop.) I think this is an actual bug, do you know if anyone is interested in taking a look at the model file? I have the blender project + collada export.



Yes, please post the model source files and relevant other files.

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Here’s the Blender project and exported dae model. Thanks if you get a chance to look into it :slight_smile: (104.2 KB)



I’m having further issues with the Collada model export. I have created a flying enemy in Blender but when I import it the model is just an empty cube with the proper scaling. It looks reasonable in Blender (pretty new to 3D art so it’s not spectactular :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I can’t see anything in Defold.