Can't launch even a clean project through dmengine - it closes (or crashes)


This is what happens in the editor:

On android the app simply closes or crashes, I don’t know how to make a distinction.

Tested it on two android devices. From PC I tested it on both Windows and Ubuntu.

Installed an older version of Defold and dmengine (1.30) and it works on those. Problem only appears on newer versions.



Updated the post with important info.



Have you built and installed an APK yourself that you use as a target or did you download one? If so which one?

There is a requirement that all Android applications support 64 bit Android from August 2019 and to support this we have very recently added 64 bit Android support. This means that we now make a distinction between 32 and 64 bit Android versions (although you can have an apk that supports both). And the bytecode for your Lua code differs between the 32 and 64 bit version. It sounds like you are trying to run the wrong version of the bytecode somehow.

@Mathias_Westerdahl may have more insights?



Hmm, not sure how this would happen.

  • Is the screenshot/log from running the game on your computer?

  • On Android, if you run adb logcat to get the log from your Android device, what does it say then?

  • What version do you mean by “1.30”?

  • Do you bundle the .apk directly from the Editor? (or do you use bob.jar?)

  • Do you have a small repro case you can share with us?



I’ve tested in 1.2.154 both, armv7 and arm64 dmengine both work fine.

Could you please answer the questions above?

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