Build in 1.2.164 not showing anything until I resize


Recently updated to 1.2.164 and found that my build was not working with no errors in “Console” or in “Build Errors”…
First thing I tried is to remove the build folder, but that did not help.
Then I realized that the build DID in fact work, but my game was just not showing. When I resize the window the game magically appears :slight_smile:
Seems like the first render just never happens?

Defold 1.2.164
Macos 10.14 (18A391)



Can you reproduce this in any project or just the one? Can you share a minimal version of a project where this happens and share it with me (



I remember having the same issue on Mojave dark theme after setting NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance = NO in Info.plist (which is no longer needed due to linking against a newer macOS SDK).

This was my original issue, but I can no longer reproduce it on Catalina: Defold games show blank screen in Dark Mode

My workaround was to resize the window on boot with defos:

if system_name == "Darwin" then
  local x, y, w, h = defos.get_view_size()
  defos.set_view_size(x, y, w, h - 1)
  timer.delay(0.0, false, function ()
    defos.set_view_size(x, y, w, h)


I can reproduce this on any project, even when I create a new empty project from the template tab. I’ll send you the project, but is is basically just a new empty project :slight_smile:.

@dapetcu21 mentioned this could be related to the macos dark theme, but setting macos to use the light theme, the project just shows a white window until I resize it…

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@dapetcu21, I did not change NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance and setting light mode does not seem to help.

Your workaround works perfectly for now :+1:, thx!



I’m unfortunately unable to reproduce this. Are you using any software for screen recording, taking screenshots, or in other ways interacting with the opened windows?

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I’m running ShiftIt in the background, the program let’s you resize windows.

I tried closing all programs (also those running in the background), even quit some processes using activity monitor.
The result is still the same.

By the way, release builds have the same problem.