Build changes in Editor 2


So (as some of you know) we’re working on a multiplayer game and I am using Defold to create both the server and the client very close to each other.
The game is fully running on the server and the client is more or less just a visual and audial representation of whats going on server-side.
I’m actually working with 2 different collections on the same project and have until now been able to build/run the game (having the server collection bootstrapped in game.project). Then I have a small commandfile like this:

cd "$(dirname "$0")"	
./dmengine --config=net.type=client --config=bootstrap.main_collection=/client/loader/loader.collectionc 

It bootstraps another collection (loader) that then is loading in the client collection.
As long as I’ve used Editor 1 this has worked like a charm as everything in every collection seem to be built. And I can just double click on the client script to open as many clients as I want to.
Now transferring to Editor 2 this doesn’t work at all as the Editor only seem to build looking at what is bootstrapped and it’s collections.
(also there is no double clicking a command to make it execute in E2 but I have sent that in as a separate issue).
Are there any settings or flags that I can use to build all collections in the project regardless if they are connected to the bootstrapped one or do I have to bring it all over to bob and build it all with scripts instead?
EDIT: I will as a solution now add the client collection as a proxy in the server collection for all to build. Bundle and ship the separate parts will be a later issue so the question still remains if there is a “force build all” option anywhere?


You should file a ticket for this so that we somehow expose the --keep-unused flag when building from the editor.


Reported here