We have released a new version of Blastlands today (0.8.9) with the following improvements:

  • New game mode selection screen
  • Units no longer immediately take damage from touching a wall
  • XP awarded for more things such as completing team matches
  • New sound effects
  • Tons of bug-fixes and general improvements

Please get in there and see what you think about our new game mode screen. Also please give feedback in our forum: . We are REALLY interested in your opinions about the game.



This sprint we fixed a lot of things that we got through your feedback including:

  • New controls: It’s now easier to control your unit. Or is it? Let us know!
  • Introducing Daily Missions. Complete these and the spoils of war are yours.
  • Improved bots. Not quite the cannon fodder they were before.
  • Bots are now distinguishable from real players.
  • Quick tech tree selection now available for Free For All mode.
  • Team lobbies show estimated waiting time counter.
  • Landscape screen on both sides + Dimming off
  • A GAZILLION bug fixes.

Download and see if you like the improvements. And as always please give us feedback on the game.



The game is picking up so if you try it now you probably won’t be fighting only bots :slight_smile:

UNIT_2 :arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: UNIT_7

  • New Unit! An elite Savvy Neal had been introduced to assist with decimating the enemy. (Replacing the motorcycle unit, it just didnt work out well)
  • Better spawning! Tactical insertion is now anywhere on the battlefield so be prepared for a hot landing.
  • XP Levels adjusted. Units and Game Modes now unlock at different stages.
  • Fixed the nasty bugs that may have stopped your game from loading.


We launched our new site for blastlands!

Check it out here