Black screen when a new game object has been added


Hi there,

I’m new on defold, a great tool for game development, thanks for his job.

I’m having a issue when a new game object has been added on a collection, the tileset turn with a black background (disappears).

The result with the torch game object is as follow

If the torch is removed everything works correctly

Any idea?, what could be the problem?

Thanks in advanced.


Any errors in the console?


No, the console not shows any error, but the level loads correctly.


Strange. Would you mind sharing the project with me (


Thanks for your quick reply, I shared the project with you.


How? Via e-mail or the dashboard (and what’s the name of the project)?


Sorry, I shared the project from my dashboard, the project name is NewPlatformerParallax.


Ok, found it! The problem is quite simple once you know what to look for, but from a UX perspective it sucks. We really should deal with this in a much better way. In main/stone_level1/ you have a stone.atlas and a stone.tilemap. When you build your project both of these files will generate a binary asset named stone.texturesetc, meaning that one will overwrite the other.

The solution is to rename one of the assets, perhaps stone.tilemap -> stone_tiles.tilemap

@mats.gisselson, @Erik_Angelin and @Ragnar_Dahlen: Could we perhaps make a push and fix this or at least create a warning while building? Or perhaps earlier?


Wow, thanks a lot, I go to test it.


Found your report filed in April :slight_smile:
We’ll discuss how to handle this.


Ah, yes, I remember that we’ve talked about this in the past. It would be great if this could be detected and warned of.