Best scale mode for Facebook Instant Games for perfect looking images


I’ve come across a strange issue when building a facebook instant version of my app. All the textures and the labels look terrible, as in they don’t look crisp or sharp as they do in other versions like android.
I’m using the Orthographic camera and FIXED_ZOOM projection. I’ve tried every scale mode in the HTML settings in game.project but am getting the same result.- blurry objects and labels with blurry fonts.

I’d very grateful for any insight into this. Thanks.

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Have you tried setting Default Texture Min / Mag filter settings under Graphics in game.project to “nearest”?

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I just tried changing the Default Texture but didn’t help the issue.



Does this also happen with a normal HTML5 build if you run it on your phone? Are you using the default index.html template or a custom template?

I don’t think it has to do with FB Instant. @totebo you’ve released several Facebook Instant Games haven’t you? Is this something you’ve come across?



I have a vague memory of having a similar problem, but not sure if it was with Defold. @p_m are you using the default Defold HTML5 template, or a custom one? Edit: Just saw @britzl asked the same question. :slight_smile:



Sorry for the late reply. My city was caught in the cyclone Amphan and everything is pretty much destroyed here. Electricity and internet just got restored.

I’m using a custom template since I just modified my android version by adding fbinstant and requisite code. Is this the wrong way of doing things? Should I use the desktop template instead?



Whoa!? Are you ok?

But are you using the default value for the .html shell field in the HTML5 section?



Hope you’re ok! Gives some perspective to the potent HTML5 template issue.



Thanks guys for your concern. Just getting through it was insane. Never felt or seen anything that powerful.

Thankfully, most people in my part of the city are fine physically since most houses around here are made of concrete with reinforced steel beams. So we can say that we got lucky. But most roads are still blocked by thousands of uprooted trees, electric and traffic poles. Electricity hasn’t been restored in most areas. People nearer to the sea and living in non-concrete houses have bore the brunt of the ferocity of the storm - houses and farmland have been completely destroyed. It’d take months, if not years to get everything back in order.

But are you using the default value for the .html shell field in the HTML5 section?

Hmm, I copied the shell field from the tic-tac-toe example. Maybe I missed something? Because the tic-tac-toe example obviously works perfectly. I guess I’ll do it again.

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And that field referred to a file in builtins right?



Yes, as in this screenshot.

Comparing the android screenshot with the fb instant game screenshot, it very clear how the textures and the labels don’t look right in the fb instant version. They’re kind of blurry and low resolution looking.
FB Instant



are you still watching through a phone? Is hidpi enabled?



HDPI is enabled on my phone. I also checked on my laptop. Same problem on laptop too. Looks good on every platform except facebook instant version.