Animations running at slowmotion on android TV device


Found while trying to play @Dragosha game on my TV box, is just a device with android 6.0, it works 99% like a tablet, with a remote control, and I can plug keyboard and mouse. I have played there many popular games without issues, including my own 2D game made with UE4.

@pkeod hope you can see the profiler here, I can tell my game is slower by the coin reflection animation, should be 15fps and looks like 5fps: video

Tried running bunnymark project but all buttons make the app close except the one that use particles.

While Blossom Blast Saga runs perfectly fine: video

@Dragosha html5 games works fine on the device chrome browser: video



This may look like a rare device but inside is just another tablet made in Asia. There are many of this kind of “TV boxes” on amazon. And if the problem is related to vsync, I also had problems with Defold on a laptop that I have VSync globally disabled on NVidia control panel, and all Defold projects runs high-speed. Not good.



What is your Display settings in game.project?

Could you please try to turn off VSync and set Frame Cap to 0?

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