AdMob Extension


Hi. Can you try copying admob directory from the extension project into your game project and checking on iOS or Android?


Yeah I’ve done that (I’m testing on Android). Also tried to just run the demo and get the same problem.


That is very strange. Are you using the latest Defold version? And can I ask you to record the video how you setup the project and get the error? Let’s start with desktop, on desktop you should see “admob extension is not supported on this platform” when trying to call admob.init().


Yes, I’ve got the latest version of Defold. I’ve follow the instructions with the extension including the bundling bug workaround, so the admob directory has been copied into my project.

I get the “admob extension is not supported on this platform” when running the game on Windows and the error message on Android as follows in the video:


Then that’s the answer.
If you look at the source, only two platforms are supported:


Ah, live reload doesn’t work with native extensions. You have to build an APK and install it on the device the regular way.


Solved in 1.2.138


Awesome news! Will test myself soon.